Let's Talk About Money, Love, Health & Happiness... 
My Fav Thing to Do!
This might sound crazy, but after over 10 years working with women around the world, I've seen so many be less-than-honest with themselves about what they want or even believe it's wrong to want what they do, feeling guilt and shame around receiving what they want.
 Let's Get Really Real...
...There are a ton of people talking about balance and life and living your dreams, especially on the internet.

There are even people who don't have happiness, living lives of overwhelm or frustration and many who don’t have FABULOUS lives talking about what it takes to attract more and love life.

I've heard it all...

...Some people teach that having the life you dream of is the result of how hard you are working - how much you are grinding away; some teach that the only way to live your dreams is to specifically do this process “correctly;” or even that success is only found in running a ton of Facebook ads for your business; or the next webinar for your business; or by taking this supplement or energy pill to supercharge yourself...

...Other gurus say living your dreams is tied to what books you are reading; who you surround yourself with; what crystal ceremonies you are holding; or how much you are not thinking about the dreams you desire.

The funny thing is, there are a ton of people doing all of this “stuff” and still struggling themselves to find and consistently have happiness every day or the passionate and loving relationships of their dreams or overflowing bank accounts and the bombshell body they desperately desire!

Your ability to UnLOCK a life YOU love - to have, be, do or attract more - has nothing to do with silly rituals, how many self-help books you've read to this point, the exact way your morning routine works (or doesn't) and is absolutely not dependent merely on hard work and how many hours you spend "grinding it out." 

It’s true that anything that puts you into an inspired state, adds to your confidence and sense of worthiness or helps you feel that you are “doing” enough does contribute to you bringing your dreams to life. Yet following strict rules and participating in rituals only haphazardly helps you to manifest your dreams of more (money, happiness, passionate love or that kickin' body) and brings results only some of the time. The paths many “experts” preach are only band-aids and won't help you find lasting results, lasting happiness, lasting overflow. 

Think about it, how many times have you started a new year's resolution excited to have, do, be whatever it is you desire and excitedly start, only to back-slide just a few short weeks or months later? How many times have you started a diet and lost a few pounds only to yo-yo backward or have to so strictly constrict what your eating that you become obsessed with this single area of your life? How many times have you vowed to start that new "routine" only to put it off again? How many times have you thought you were worth more than the paycheck you're earning, but just haven't found the confidence to have a candid negotiation conversation with your boss? How many times have you decided this was the month you were going to launch your new business idea, enrolled in a course to launch it, only to find yourself getting overwhelmed and never actually starting?

The only fail-proof way I know to attract and receive your dreams on command and with ease is this:

 ** Become an energetic match for your desires (vibe with them).
 ** Tap into receiving the strategic guidance or action steps you need (following your intuition and guidance from God, the Universe, or whatever way you believe in the higher power) .
 ** Allow all of the desires that have been standing in the wings of your life, tugging at your heart, to easily flow to you.
 ** Understand, experience and start to believe how all of this “abundance” stuff actually works as you begin to "see" it in your physical reality.

It’s true:

 ** Your experience of having whatever it is you dream of (money, love, happiness, wellness and an amazing body)- or lack thereof - may not have been pleasant up until this point.
 ** Things may have seemed to be stacked against you.
 ** You may not be surrounded by or have many examples of people who are joyfully living their dreams, all of them, at the very same time.

I get you love bug! And I believe we may connect around my story...

 ** I did not come from a lineage of money. I grew up on a farm and learned what hard work really was. 
 ** I’ve built my business, career, marriage and life myself, on my terms.
 ** Life hasn’t always been easy and flowing. I’ve had to figure things out, get knocked down and learn lessons the hard way! Sometimes over and over...
 ** Everyday I rededicate myself to changing my thoughts and UnLOCKing my beliefs around the desires and dreams I have. I’ve discovered and taught myself how to UnLOCK life and step into the energy and frequency of success on my terms. How to release the limits that held me back!
 ** And, everyday aligned action and inspired guidance continue to shine a light for my path. Every day I am guided toward the way to having and living it all, ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

And now, this moment, I intend to be an example of what's possible. Of what it means to step into limitless potential!

To be real and 100% transparent with you, as a grown adult your future life experiences and desires, whatever they are, depend primarily on one thing:


Now stay with me... This is about YOU.

YOU are the common denominator in every moment of your life, everyone of your life experiences.

This is about your energy. Your belief. Your decision. Your openness.

YOU knowing that YOU ARE ENOUGH!

YOU CHOOSING to have your desires! YOU ALLOWING your desires to flow to you. YOU CLEARING the LOCK and limitations that have held you back from elevating into the life of your dreams...


Your life and having your desires is about YOUR understanding of the energy and frequency of each dream or wish or thought of “wanting.”
God, the Universe, the angels, destiny and lady luck are not holding your desires from you or blocking you from having them all, all at the same time.

YOU elevating yourself to be an energetic match for what you want, was always and continues to be, the answer for you LIVING a LIVE YOU LOVE!
Religious texts, metaphysical books and the many gurus, personal development and self-help experts have pointed to this simple truth for as long as humans have been inhabiting the earth.

YOU can learn how to attract and create your desires intentionally (money, love, relationships, happiness, business/career and body)...
..On purpose and with repeatable, consistent results.

When you change your thoughts and beliefs, energy, and expectations around your desires, you shift the dynamics around how your desires work for you.

Lovely, know that none of this is about YOU getting down on yourself for not having, living, being whatever is on your heart to this point... YOU haven’t been exposed to or exercised these secrets. And you haven’t had a guide to help you along the way.

Does this seem confusing? No worries. I’ll simplify it for you and make it ultra easy.

I get it. I've done it. I do it.

I live by these secrets.

I've taught it to amazing people around the world!!

And I am here to show you how.

Success and living your dreams and showing you how to step into your limitless potential are my favorite things in the world to share, this is my greatest passion.

You receiving everything you desire, everything you dream, creates a positive ripple not only into your life, but the lives of your family and friends AND the many lives of those who surround you. You stepping into your limitless potential creates a ripple of compassion and joy into the world that has the power to move mountains and create amazing change!

This is why I am so excited to introduce my brand new video training series: UnLOCK YOU Explorer Bundle!

Real-Life Miracles as Soon as Students Begin...

I listened to my heart...
When I found JK I'd been struggling to pay my bills. I committed to myself and enrolled.

In just a couple weeks, it seemed like everything started to change for me.
JK teaches you to rise into your fullest potential, step into and embrace your inner power. She helps you blow-up your fears and unlock yourself, clearing blocks and limitations. She helps you squash limiting beliefs as soon as they surface and find the blocks that you don't even know are there.

I plunged into making the changes JK teaches and things started changing for me for the better... Money started flowing from crazy unexpected places. I rediscovered excitement for life, I even rediscovered my desire to jump out of bed in the morning and start the day.

Everything's opening up for me. I've more than doubled my income. 

I feel fabulous! I'm a better friend to those I love, a better daughter and I'm sure I'll be a better girlfriend when I find the right guy.

JK helped me feel love and acceptance for where I am in this chapter of life and she helped me see the new me I could be.

Learning from JK will change you. You'll feel more confident in yourself and start to see things in life turn around to good.

And, yes, as a bonus you will make and have money.

 - Ella L., Associate Professor and Freelance Business Owner
I stepped out of overwhelm and can breath again...
Learning from JK is like a deep breath of fresh air combined with compassionate understanding and relatability.
She's a wise mentor who happens to manifest a crazy awesome life!
JK describes things in an easy to understand way and she's spiritual but not so spiritual that it's confusing or dogmatic. Her approach is the perfect blend of spiritual and practical.

JK represents growth, possibility and doesn’t demand that to be successful you have to meditate for hours, be vegan or chant in order to be aligned and manifest.

She shows you that it's all about becoming an energetic match with your desires and gives you the tools to do this quickly.

I’m beginning to understand what intentionally and consistently manifesting means and I’m really beginning to be comfortable and sure of the path to bring my dreams to life with flow and fun. I've gained the confidence to launch my own business and step away from a job I hated and was trading dollars for life. As JK teaches, life and living, having, being whatever I dream is a game that I can choose to enjoy playing rather than continuously stressing and grinding over.

If you want to experience miraculous results in your finances and then translate those same miracles to other areas of your life, do this now!!

 - Dorris B., Business Owner, Wife and Mom

I was stretched to the max...
I was really hesitant to make the commitment and invest in one of JK's courses.

I had already stretched myself to the max with a ton of other things going on in life. Yet when I got quiet with myself I heard a tiny “DO IT,” and so against logic in the moment I listened to my heart and took the leap... It’s been amazing.

Before even understanding what she was actually saying in the course, I felt a transformation, a shift. JK's energy and the compassion she holds for us is incredibly powerful. This alone was worth every penny of my investment.

JK''s content is timeless. She deeply understands how to bring dreams and desires to life. From her foundational principles for manifesting to the high level energy tools she shares, I’m now “playing” with living and bringing to life more than my wildest dreams.

 - Lisa W., President & Founder, Wife and Mom 

If You Really Desire To...

Understand the Energy + Frequency of Desires & Dreams: We get clear on what the vibrations of each of your dreams feels like and how to hold the vibrational match for this feeling in yourself.
Tap into the Flow of YOUR Dreams and Desires: Tap into the flow of your dreams, in the amounts, quantities and ways you most desire. This is so much more fun than you think and not difficult or daunting at all.

Confidence in Your Desires - Life, Success & Happiness on YOUR Terms, Drop the Shame & Guilt: Unapologetically own what you want, dropping the shame and guilt of wanting more. Step into the understanding that your desires are guiding you. Allow yourself to create from heartfelt desire.

Gracefully Lean into Receiving: Learn and practice how to gracefully lean back and begin to receive. Allow ease, flow and trust to be infused into your life everyday.
Allow Yourself to DREAM BIG and Leave Overwhelm in the Dust: No more playing small or just allowing “a little bit” or “just enough” to flow into your life. No more holding back. Who are you really meant to be? What do you actually want to do? Let's dig in.

Then You Can't Let Yourself Miss This

Bonus 1: The art of seducing and getting alignment with your subconscious mind, making learning and applying new principles into a fun game. Understand JK's process for sharing her work online with clarity and ease. Woven through this video we demonstrate the non-attached and non-blaming, but seductive way to swiftly tap into the power of your mind and collaborate with it versus struggling against it.

Bonus 2: Done-for-you affirmations, journal exercises and homework (you’ll have fun doing): JK and the FSL Modern team has created affirmations, journal exercises, and strategic homework so you can practice and put into use the principles and lessons from each of the seven lessons. This will help you integrate these principles into your life and ignite your results.

Plus: Get a coupon code for FSL’s world renown course, UnLOCK YOU Blueprint, the program helping you uplevel every aspect of your life to finally LIVE A LIFE YOU LOVE. If you’re ready to really dig into these concepts accelerate your dreams and desires, I have your back. During the next open enrollment period, you get a $297-off coupon code you can use toward UnLOCK YOU Blueprint.


Video 1 - The Vibration of Abundance: What this vibration feels like, how energy works, how to create new realities based on your personal truth.

Video 2 - The Art of Leaning Back: How leaning back actually allows you to increase the flow of your dreams and desires as you more easily become an energetic match for more-than-enough and replace old beliefs with new, updated beliefs that serve you toward your desires.

Video 3 - Clearing Blocks: UnL.O.C.K.ing and letting go of the past. This video helps you experience the energetic shift that eliminates your blocks begins deep healing around perceived past negative choices. Hint, these blocks are not your fault and often we are not even aware of them until we begin to gently observe!!! (This is my favorite video!)

Video 4 - The Untruth of Fear: Lovely, YOU are worthy of your desires. How to move through fear, disbelief and lies of overwhelm. Eliminate the dread of disappointment. Clear space for receiving your wildest dreams!!

Video 5 - Act NOW: The energy of being in a state of continual increase. When you finally know, understand and give yourself permission to be in “a perpetual state of expansion and up - only up.” In this video explore how it’s SAFE to expect and receive really good things.

Bonus Video 1 - Elevate into Overflow Meditation Series, Part 1: In less than the time to order and get a cup of your favorite brew at the coffee house Light Up Self Confidence and be ready to step into any big, exciting dream you have.

Bonus Video 2 - Elevate into Overflow Meditation Series, Part 2: Spend just a handful of minutes every week and finally Drop the Stress and Overwhelm we all feel as success focused leaders, making space for the exciting dreams of your heart to manifest in your life.

About JK
Jennifer S. Knecht, thought leader and master mindset coach. Ready to UnLOCK a LIFE you love?

Hi love bugs and my fabulous sisters! If you don't know me... I’m JK (Jennifer S. Knecht).

I am a master mindset coach; soulful business strategist; growth-focused, servant leader; wellness guru; and mentor to women around the globe who follow my work, follow my blueprint, and work with me privately.

I’m not your average business coach, strategist or life coach.

I don’t follow business norms or industry standards. I could give a flying “freak” about what the experts say. In the 5 years since I started this business, I have freed myself from my own L.O.C.K., taken down the walls the “shoulders” built around me, followed my desires, trusted my intuition and taken the daily inspired action that made the most sense to me.

I didn't grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth and wealthy. I didn't always believe that money was something that could flow easily and naturally to me. I’ve felt broke. I’ve felt in over my head, buried in debt. I’ve felt trapped and limited. I’ve felt like life wasn’t in my court.

I’ve done the work to shift my false beliefs and the lies that kept me held back. I’ve cleared my LOCK and blocks around money and abundance and having it all, all at the same time. I’ve used my Blueprint to release negative money memories, negative memories of lack and “not enough.” Today I focus on consistently expanding my capacity to receive.

Learning how to shift my energy, emotions, expectation and understanding around my desires absolutely transformed my life. I follow the principles I teach, because my life and happiness really does depends on it.

My job is this: To UnLOCK YOU and get you unstuck so you finally Live the Life you LOVE, to show you how phenomenally amazing and powerful you really are, to move you along your journey, to create a space where the beliefs and stories that say “you can’t have what you want” are destroyed, to teach you to be unavailable for anything less than YOUR HEART’S DESIRES, to ensure that you know the power of your own creation and to show you how easy designing a life and business on your terms really can be.

I’m here to help you get to YOUR EPIC!
 ** I don’t mess around.
 ** I don’t play the "good girl." I don’t pretend. I am real. I am kind. I am there for you. I hold you accountable.
 ** I know we all have what it takes. I know we can unleash our infinite brilliant inner power.
 ** I know that today we have only seen a fraction of what we are here to do.
 ** I am unavailable for excuses and women who play small!

If you like the sound of that, then let’s GET EPIC. I’ll have your back.  I’ll show up and you will too.  

Abundance, our desires, money, all of this is not about greed. The desires in your heart are about opportunity, freedom, and living more fully. It is my intention to positively impact and help the world by helping amazing women step into empowerment and braveheartdly do whatever their heart-centered purpose calls them to do. The ripple created when women like you and I drop the guilt around our desire to have and receive our deepest desires, to be abundant in all aspects of life; when we disprove the whacked out beliefs and shed the LOCK holding us back, has the power to create extraordinary and positive change in our world. Let’s do the damn thing…



I’m an executive with a corporate career or have a traditional nine to five job, is this only for business owners or entrepreneurs?

Absolutely not. This is for everyone. Abundance and your desires are infinite and accessible to everyone, no matter their life situation today. Abundance and creating a life you love is not limited to a job or limited by a job title. While learning to tap into, flow with and receive more could affect changes in your job, the principles I teach will certainly create change in your life overall. Women from all walks of life - teachers, executives, attorneys, psychologists, and even chief household engineers (the brave parents who stay at home parents have all participated and found value in the UnLOCK principles. Clients have reported salary raises, promotions, new job offers, manifesting through their partners’ business or career, finding new opportunities, having their desires out-of-the-blue, unexpectedly get fulfilled. Miracles are not exclusive to certain occupations and many of our students unleash their ability to receive miracles during our work together. 

What is the difference between this and the other bundles you offer? This bundle is fast paced and focuses on you beginning to understand and start to receive. The other bundles focus on different subjects and are more foundationationl. All are good, though. Select the one that calls to you and motivates you to get started with this type of work, TODAY!

What is the difference between this and UnLOCK YOU Blueprint (ULU)?

ULU is a six module course with 12+ hours of bonus content. It is over four-times the price of this training bundle. Enrollment for ULU opens each February and sometimes for an additional super fast enrollment in the Fall. However, if you enroll in this training bundle now, you get $297 off ULU in the next enrollment period. Bottom line, ULU is much more detailed and in-depth due to the nature of FSL’s signature (full-blown) digital courses.

What can I expect from this training bundle?

Four, high vibe, training videos. A fresh, thoughtful and effective approach to “manifesting your deepest desires.” Explanations around LOCK, blocks and your inner power that you have previously never seen or heard. (I’ve not come across anyone that explains these concepts the way we do.) Fun homework, deep-work journal assignments and done-for-you affirmations. Reignited confidence and belief in yourself the limitless possibilities you have in life.

I’m ultra busy, swamped actually. What if I don't have time to work through the training bundle now?

Breath and relax, you have access to all seven videos and bonuses as soon as you commit to yourself, yet it’s totally up to you and your schedule when you begin to dig in. You’ll have lifetime access, so go at the pace and on the schedule that works best for you. People tell us all the time that they love the bundle so much and find such great results in working through it that they go through it more than once. Some even play it in the background as they work out, do the dishes, drive and find new insights every time they listen/watch.

Do you offer a payment plan?

YES! I love payment plans. You will find the payment options when you click to enroll.

What is your guarantee? Will I get specific results?

We love this training bundle and believe 1000% in the results it can bring students. The testimonials on this page are from real women who committed and signed up, showed up to the training, did the work and transformed their lives. However, as we have no way of knowing what you will do with the program, we cannot guarantee results of any kind or increases in your income, promotions, love, etc. The testimonials on this page may not be typical for all students.

What Students Are Saying...

(We are getting such good feedback as people enroll!) 

** This course has been a blessing! And I’m shocked how many things are getting cleared up that don’t have to do with money. You are the best! - Carley

** Simply spending time in the energy of the videos lifts me up And when my energy drops, I now have the tools to turn it around. Thank you for showing me how to manifest with belief, good feelings, and inspired actions. - Laura

**It is amazing, like truly. So many new revelations two videos in. I can’t wait to dig in more! - Lindsay 

**It’s so true what JK says about the training's being recorded in a very potent place vibrationally. You can feel it all throughout the videos. Just aligning myself with that energy has created huge shifts! Two days after watching just the first two I got approved for my dream apartment. These videos are pure gold. - Jasmine 

**The energy of these videos has put me on fire. - Yolanda 

**So good! I’ve been listening while I workout and it’s 1000x better than music. This bundle is the REASON I JUST LAUNCHED my newest business. I dropped ALL my fears and procrastination and released my website for the biz minutes ago! I feel the money coming in and requests blowing up. I adore you, JK. - Raeanne 

**This new bundle is AMAZING!! I’ve watched two videos and just being in that energy is so transformational. - Indigo 

**I found you last month, and have been stacking up all your content. I just knew I needed more. I got your email tonight and took the plunge! I'm in! - Carol 

**You are such a gift! I hope you really grasp how important you are to this generation. No one, I mean no one, speaks and walks in abundance like you. I’ve studied under many. So many are thirsty, hungry, and stuck under the invisible force of poverty. You are strategically placed, for a strategic time, for a planned outcome. Thank you. - Lee 

**I am obsessed with the way JK teaches and views life. I adore her. - Becca 

**I have been working through the videos — they are LIFE CHANGING. Everyone needs this. THANK YOU, JK. - Jessica 

How it Works...

When you enroll, you will sent an email with your user name and login (or login if you already have one). 

You get instant access (and unlimited replays) to all four training videos and the two meditations.

You have all content for life.

Please note that these videos were recorded live as part of one of JK's livestream events.

Each of the four training video are between nine - 45 minutes long.

(The majority are about 30 minutes long.)

They are loaded with tips, tricks, tools, strategy, healing, powerful energy, and fresh perspective around living and having your desires.

Next Steps...

This is the part where I am supposed to tell you that this video training series is valued at $2,600.

Then I put a big slash through $2,600 and tell you this is regularly priced at $1,299 and also put a slash through that.

And then I tell you I am pricing it at a super lower price and put a big circle around it.

Let's skip that.

Click below to grab your special price! This price is available until Friday, September 20 at 11:59 pm.


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Receive immediate access to all of the training videos.

After clicking on the big button below, and submitting your order, an email will be automatically sent with your login and password details for you to keep for future use.

Check your inbox upon enrollment!

I can't wait for you to get your hands on this content.

By enrolling in this course, you agree to our Standard Terms and Conditions.

Disclaimer: I can not guarantee specific results. I can only share my personal practice around healing my past, shifting my beliefs, choosing my energetic state, and receiving money. This training series contains practices and principles that have worked for me as well as thousands of FSL Modern graduates. I believe in this work and these concepts deeply. However, I don't guarantee results or increased income. Experiences of past students may not be typical for all students. 

Coupon Code Details: As a purchaser of the UnLOCK YOU Explorer Bundle Training Series, you will receive a $297-off coupon code during the next UnLOCK YOU Blueprint enrollment period. This will be emailed to you. You can use this coupon code whether you choose the payment plan or pay in full option for ULU. There is no obligation to enroll in ULU.
I hesitated, but so glad I finally made the leap...
Frankly, I was hesitant about making the investment to work with JK.

I'd listened to FSL Modern for a couple of years and never reached out to work with her. This year I finally “did the damn thing” and I'm so glad I did.

JK’s work around abundance and creating our dreams is UNREAL. I’m not going to lie, I thought it was going to be get the content and be on my own kind of thing, but the woman is there all along the way with you. 

The heart and soul she pours into her training's is an energy unmatched by anyone else.

This isn’t just learning how to manifest your dreams, this is learning how to step into the powerful being that you are, to really have it ALL, ALL at the same time (whatever is in your heart). Not only do I feel so confident in my ability to manifest whatever I desire, but that I GET to. That I can. That I’m worthy. Her work, works. This is about me, this is about you... And our ability to live a life beyond our wildest thoughts today!!

She's taught me how to be confident in my ability to have next-level success as I define it and what it means to take “inspired action” to get results. If you’re considering working with JK, it’s probably because something (or a ton of things) in your life could be going better. Maybe you need more money or you want to level-up to more in your bank account or maybe you need to shed guilt, overwhelm and shame that’s been haunting you. Whatever is going on in your life YOU NEED TO DO THIS!

She’ll help you UnLOCK the blocks that are holding you back from receiving. There’s really nothing like this that I’ve experienced before. It’s unmatched.

 - Nikki T., Business Owner, Wife and Mom

I totally resonate today...
JK she gets you thinking in a new way. She has an amazing way of explaining energy, LOCK, money and manifesting.
Her energy is infectious. I feel more confident and excited. I am more myself. I now know that it’s safe to be myself, to be seen, and to follow my purpose.
Doing the work and being in JK's energy really does change you.
If you are on the fence about working with JK, do it and now! It will be one of the best investments in yourself you ever make.
She sets you up for miracles and deep lasting change.
Her homework gets you to dig in with yourself and start thinking in a new way. She helps you rewire old,outdated beliefs. You discover a new way of being. You will feel that you are more of who you were always meant to be.
I’ve worked with other coaches before. JK is different. Her work has changed me for the better. It will change you too.
 - Carol S., Executive Assistant, Aunt and Sister

I did the work and WOW...
When I originally discovered JK and FSL Modern, I couldn't resonate with her. Her lifestyle was so far away from my own! It made me realize that I actually hadn't admitted to myself how much I wanted to grow my business, or what I really wanted in life.
Today, I feel empowered and at peace – I’m confident I can actually do anything I set my mind to. I've experienced so many “aha” moments from things that JK says.
The more you allow the energy of her principals to permeate into your subconscious mind, the more you discover the simplicity and depth of her teachings. Prior to discovering FSL and JK, I was experiencing dreadful lack. As a result of learning from JK, I’ve tripled my business in the last two months. The biggest thing, though, was learning how to decide that my business would be successful. More than simply desires and manifesting, JK teaches you to believe in yourself so much that the world has no choice but to watch you shine your light.
If you're serious about improving your life, it's time to “do the damn thing” and jump learning from JK.
 - Amanda B., Business Owner

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 Reignite your personal confidence and confidence in your potential to have anything you desire.
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Learn to live in a state of continual flow with your "epic 4" of finances , body, love and happiness.

 Know how to become an energetic match for cash, love or anything you want.

 Shift into a state of daily receptivity and welcoming with money , love, body  and happiness.

 Increase your understanding of how you really can manifest anything you want and learn how to do this consistently.
Desires & Dreams Today & into the Future
Build a rock solid foundation for creating, receiving and manifesting your desires and dreams. Although this is a foundational program, it's much more advanced than the typical personal development, self-help and law of attraction information out there.
 Step into energetic, emotional and mental shifts 24/7 with this on-demand program. Simply play the videos in the background of your life. Let's face it we are all busy, just by playing the lessons while you're running errands, cooking dinner or working out you'll see tremendous benefit.
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  • ​Lesson 4 - The Art of Leaning Back($395 Value)
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“JK teaches you to rise into your fullest potential. She helps you disengage your fears and unlock yourself, clearing blocks around your dreams and helps you literally squash limiting beliefs as soon as they surface.

Shortly after I started the bundle my dreams started flowing from crazy unexpected places. Money making ideas came to me. And my desire to wake up and start the day with joy replaced the dread I’d had before.

Everything's opening up for me. "

 - Linda W., Business Owner, Wife & Busy Mom
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UnLOCK YOU Explorer Bundle
  • Lesson 1 - Get Real to Get Clear ($395 Value)
  • Lesson 2 - The Untruth of Fear & Duplicity ($395 Value)
  • Lesson 3 - Clearing Blocks & UnLOCKing ($895 Value) 
  • ​Lesson 4 - The Art of Leaning Back($395 Value)
  • ​​Lesson 5 - Act NOW ($395 Value)
  • ​​Bonus Video 1 - Elevate into Overflow Meditation Series, Part 1 ($49 Value)
  • ​ Bonus Video 2 - Elevate into Overflow Meditation Series, Part 2 ($68 Value)
  • ​TODAY ONLY,  FULL PAYMENT: $498 or 7 payments  of $97
    “JK teaches you to rise into your fullest potential. She helps you disengage your fears and unlock yourself, clearing blocks around your dreams and helps you literally squash limiting beliefs as soon as they surface.

    Shortly after I started my dreams started flowing from crazy unexpected places. Money making ideas came to me. And my desire to wake up and start the day with joy replaced the dread I’d had before.

    Everything's opening up for me. "

                    - Linda W., Business Owner, Wife & Busy Mom

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